What are you looking for (in life)?

For reinvention any excuse will do – even, or especially, a holiday season. The beginning of the New Year may be a very effective way of motivating yourself to do some reinventing.

A new and already very popular advertising mini-movie produced by the biggest Polish online selling platform Allegro, emphasizes what is the most important for Christmas, in this case, but not only, because it refers to the most important human needs and values. The story is simple, authentic, funny and touching. It breaks stereotypes associated with cultural and language barriers. It shows also a reinvented way of overcoming age-related barriers. Its main message is that if you want something badly enough, you will achieve it – regardless of age.

The advertisement refers to the problem of emigration and separation from the loved ones. In this context, it encourages reinventing the attitude of the older generation to some real life problems, such as language barriers. The story shows an older man who ordered a course “English for beginners” and learns it with adorable resourcefulness and perseverance. The ad also touches a very delicate sphere of human feelings in a charming and non pushy manner, without any ideological overtones. For the Polish audience it is a very real and emotional story and probably not only for the Poles, because the issue of longing for the loved ones and building family ties despite the geographic distance is likely very important to all of us. There are no words to express it precisely.  See for yourself!


On a more practical note, here are some fun ideas for reinventing decorations for the holiday season from pupils and teachers from the “Splot” School in Nowy Sącz, Poland, who gave new life to used plastic water bottles and cast library books in new roles.

Magdalena Rzeznik writing from the Center for Innovatics, Nowy Sacz Business School – National-Louis University, Poland


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