The relentless generation of digital content

We can’t stop the creation of digital content. The Internet is full of content – and garbage. People do not read; they scan pictures. People are busy, pretending to consume more and more information. Along these lines, this post is short and includes a picture.


Image: Erik Fitzpatrick licensed CC BY 2.0

By creating good stories we can make our voice stronger and publish more content. Good storytelling has always been a valuable skill. Storytelling applies to everyone who interacts with other people: in business, research, education and in family life.

Digital storytelling brings together digital content, including images, sound and video, to create a short movie, including a strong emotional component.

Today, everyone is a storyteller. Everyone can create content using a smartphone or tablet. The vast number of non-professionals armed with their mobile devices, sharing pictures with friends; these people are not trying to make money.

In “the content noise” era, there is a significant growth in demand for high quality content.  For professionals it is  important to  provide  the  right  content,  to  the  right  people  in  the  right moment. And it is important to support users who are at the same time content creators and content consumers. We can’t stop the creation of digital content, but we can manage it. Undoubtedly content management is becoming a lucrative business opportunity.

Joanna Bubala, writing from i3D, inspired by NEM SUMMIT 2016

NEM (New European Media) is an initiative to support Europe’s activities on the Future Internet and Future Media Internet as major innovation area.

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