A big win for i3D and lab animals everywhere!

A big win for i3D and lab animals everywhere!

One of our partners, i3D in Gliwice, Poland, just won the “Innovation Initiators” competition organized by PWC and Newsweek. I3D’s product E-physiology won in the science and business projects category. E-physiology provides the functionality for performing ​​three-dimensional virtual vivisection, which is a big advantage for medical studies, where the use of living creatures can be greatly reduced.

This project represents a successful industry-academia collaboration.

You can read the Newsweek article here: http://biznes.newsweek.pl/innowacje-w-polsce-konkurs-inicjator-innowacji,artykuly,363930,1.html

Warszawa, Polska, 26.05.2015 r. Uroczysta Gala Wrecznia nagrod Newsweek'a Inicjator Innowacji. Fot. Adam Tuchlinski dla Newsweek Polska

Arkadiusz Patryas, Vice President and co-founder of i3D  and Dariusz Cwiklak representing Newsweek Poland.

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