A big win for i3D and lab animals everywhere!

A big win for i3D and lab animals everywhere!

One of our partners, i3D in Gliwice, Poland, just won the “Innovation Initiators” competition organized by PWC and Newsweek. I3D’s product E-physiology won in the science and business projects category. E-physiology provides the functionality for performing ​​three-dimensional virtual vivisection, which is a big advantage for medical studies, where the use of living creatures can be greatly reduced.

This project represents a successful industry-academia collaboration.

You can read the Newsweek article here: http://biznes.newsweek.pl/innowacje-w-polsce-konkurs-inicjator-innowacji,artykuly,363930,1.html

Warszawa, Polska, 26.05.2015 r. Uroczysta Gala Wrecznia nagrod Newsweek'a Inicjator Innowacji. Fot. Adam Tuchlinski dla Newsweek Polska

Arkadiusz Patryas, Vice President and co-founder of i3D  and Dariusz Cwiklak representing Newsweek Poland.

Reinvention by moving

One of our partners, the Horsens design firm Stormsalen (www.stormsalen.dk), just moved to new larger premises. The reasons for the move were all good.

Watching this momentous event brought to light what a huge opportunity for reinvention a move can be — and almost can’t avoid being.

Who says?

Who says? is a good question to ask when reinventing a business model. We tend to have our heads stuck in notions that “everyone thinks”, “everyone does” or “everyone likes” something. Successful new business models tend to challenge these types of notions.

So, who says you have to talk to communicate?

Think about it.

Marina, writing from Horsens, Denmark.