The difference half an hour can make

I just spent some time in Newfoundland, a wonderful simultaneously wild and civilized place. Despite beautiful seascapes and charming fishing villages, my most valuable “take away” was undoubtedly Newfoundland’s half hour. Newfies set their clocks half an hour ahead of their neighbors in the Canadian Maritime Provinces. (Newfoundland is not the only place in the world that offsets by half an hour and Kathmandu takes things to an even more exotic level with its 15 minute offset.)

What difference does half an hour make? The half hour offset makes it more energy intensive to do the time-shift math required to figure out what time it is “back at the office”. This lead (at least for me) to a pleasant feeling of detachment from the daily grind. Even more influential was the realization that each day is not made up of 24 hours, but 48 half hours.

Make of it what you will.

Could a business model incorporate the Newfie mentality of the half hour by introducing a slightly distracting time offset? Such a business model might just shake the world.

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